Saturday, August 4, 2012


Photographer David Higgs
Stylist Yumika Hoskin
Model Maria Mirabella FRM
Swimsuits Renee Le Hunt

These two images were part of a test shoot/folio building images for all involved. I lent my swimsuits to Yumika who I have worked with before. Yumika is always professional and reliable with garments and styles lovely imagery. She has a way of creating a story and mood which I always find alluring. David Higgs photography is immaculate as expected with a great use of lighting and composition. When I received these shots I was so happy to see swimwear shot in a different way, I have wanted to shoot my collection in a studio and these are an example of how effective it can be by simplifying the background, focusing attention to the model and styling therefore the fashion element.

I may come across as someone who likes everything this is not always the case as I am quite critical when it comes to my own work and creative work of others. I have a constructive point of view but I also appreciate others creative vision. Fashion, photography, modeling and many other creative outlets demand respect as there is often a grey area between right and wrong. On occasion there may be no wright or wrong answer rather degree of skill and experience. It is obvious to those in the industry that people can be cynical of fashion and don't see that more often than not there is no resolution, designers/stylists and the like could constantly change and improve their work however they must instead decide when and where to stop whilst still producing quality outcomes with integrity and professionalism.

My respect for Yumika and David is immense and grows each time I see pieces of their work and I would not hesitate to work with them if ever the opportunity arose. They do what they love which is uplifting.

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