Saturday, March 10, 2012


Photographer Yatzek Studios
Model Lindzay @ FRM
Stylist Claire Mueller
Swimwear Designer Renee Le Hunt

As a Design Graduate interest in my swimwear has been quite surprising. Many photographers, stylists and models have been in contact via facebook. Often students who I am mostly more than happy to help out as I am in the same position a creative trying to break into the industry which requires a solid portfolio amongst many other requirements! I therefore have been quite selective to who I offer pieces to as it impacts on my image as well as theirs. Quality is key to achieving a successful outcome, which I am extremely particular about. The people I choose to collaborate with are inspiring and have a lot to offer which I hope they see in me and my work as well. These two images were my first collaboration in which I had no control and sent my swimsuits off with hope for some stunning images.

Claire Mueller a stylist with a background in costume and fashion design was planning a shoot in which she asked me to be a part of as a contributing designer. I was more than happy to oblige offering selected pieces from my graduate collection as Claire shows an ability to create an eclectic style which remains glamorous and high end. These are attributes that I want my work to reflect as they are integral to my design philosophy.

The two images above were my favorites from a small selection I was sent. I hope you enjoy them!

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