Sunday, February 5, 2012


Embodied - Final Presentation
Bachelor of Design (Fashion) Fourth Year final presentation. In November I presented my body of work to a panel of assessors including Karen Webster (Program Director) and Glen Rollason (Pattern Maker extraordinaire) my studio leaders and Robyn Healy Program Director to name a few.

This was an opportunity to present all of my work which I had spent countless hours producing. It is not only the physical work but the thoughts and planning behind it. The display was important to communicate my message to the assessors which was challenging because of the space we had to work with. The level 10 studio's are far from inspiring and therefore required thought and planning to utilise the space. I think I managed to create a mood that was in line with my collection.

It was so hard to choose which images to use for posters as I had two amazing photo shoots, in the end I went with images that minimal judges on the panel had seen and would create the most visual impact. I wanted to project my collection as luxury or premium products which I felt was clear in these images. I also needed the two posters to work individually and as a collective which must then be reinforced in the rest of my presentation in order to show cohesiveness. This was hard as I really wanted to use the other shoot as well so I had to compromise. I created two look books one for each shoot and displayed accordingly not to confuse the panel. These were quality publications that were streamline and reinforced the image I was presenting.

I displayed most of my toiles and patterns which I worked on extensively throughout the year. It took time to adjust patterns to achieve the desired fit and aesthetic which was a challenge with time constraints. It was extremely important to show my toiles as they were a part of my design development as each piece evolved through the making process as I refined my design during the construction process.

Mannequins were used to display my swim suits this proved a challenge as Level Ten have varied mannequins in different colours and sizes so to find mannequins that are appropriate and then enough of them were difficult as other students needed them as well! I chose two sets to display my work. Flesh mannequins were used during the fit process therefore show the best fit and black mannequins used to display an image that is more appealing to the fashion eye. I feel all the choices I made presented a unified image that was creative yet simplistic instantly impacting on the audience.

*Note these images were taking night before presentation and print was moved from behind table to behind mannquins.

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